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The SLTI assessment asks managers to make decisions about the best leadership approach to use in 16 cases. Participants receive a personal profile that shows the degree to which they appropriately match coaching, teaching, relating or delegating strategies with the capabilities and motivation of their direct reports. Supervisors and managers can then perfect these basic, day-to-day leadership methods to more effectively train, coach and empower direct reports through rapidly changing responsibilities and challenges.


You will be asked to respond to a total of 16 cases. For each case, read the descriptions of possible responses and decide how well you think each response would work using the rating scale below. You need to provide a rating for all four answers to each case. Make sure you rate each response based on its own merit, not in relation to the other responses. More than one answer can receive the same rating.

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Case 1
You have just received surprising information that requires your group to take a new approach right away. You know the group members are good enough to handle the changes, but they may feel anxious about it at first. Will they do well if you...
1. Ask each of them to talk about any personal concerns or anxieties they feel and help those whose concerns are serious?
Definitely Not    Probably Not    Possibly    Probably    Definitely   
2. Develop a detailed, careful new plan, let each employee know what their new role is, then follow up to check on how well they are doing?
Definitely Not    Probably Not    Possibly    Probably    Definitely   
3. Share the information with them and ask them to come up with a new plan for themselves?
Definitely Not    Probably Not    Possibly    Probably    Definitely   
4. Plan any needed changes with them, and then supervise them through a series of detailed steps in order to make sure they handle the changes correctly?
Definitely Not    Probably Not    Possibly    Probably    Definitely   
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